Hanoko is a tragic women  who suffers from the dark fate of Tule Lake .

Ikume will bring her diverse talent to portray this complex woman.

as Hanako



 Ikumi Yoshimatsu (吉松 育美 Yoshimatsu Ikumi, born 21 June 1987) is a Japanese actress, beauty pageant world titleholder, and social activist who was crowned Miss International 2012 in Okinawa. It was Japan's first Miss International win in the 52-year history of the pageant.

 Yoshimatsu started the "STALKER-ZERO" campaign to introduce strict new laws to protect victims of stalking and intimidation in Japan, after becoming the first high-profile woman to go public with her own personal experience in an international press conference. Yoshimatsu's campaign broke all previous records for an online petition on Change.org (Japan) and she has become the voice of many  Japanese women exposing and changing the "culture of silence" toward crimes against women.