Masa Kanome as George Kuratomi 

Hiro Matsunaga as Hideki

Ikumi Yoshimatsu as Hanako Tsuchikawa

Hiro Matsunaga has appeared in many Los Angeles theater productions and in the widely popular short film, Lil Tokyo Reporter where he played a deadly but memorable gangster. As the leader of the Hoshidan in We Said No! No! (the pro-Japan movement within Tule Lake), Matsunaga portrays Hideki, a character that embodies the anger many Japanese Americans felt at their unjust incarceration. 

Masa Kanome is known for his work on films such as Austin Powers in Goldmember, Ode in Blood and Red Steel. He also has a lengthy stage career playing Samurai Warriors. In We Said No! No!  Kanome's character is George Kuratomi, the handsome and charismatic leader of the Negotiating Committee. Throughout the film, George Kuratomi is dedicated to making the peace, even while unjustly imprisoned. 

Toshiji Takashima as Inouye Sensei

‚ÄčAs We Said No! No!  is a true story based on the diary of Inouye Sensei, an actual incarceree at Tule Lake, it was of the utmost importance to cast someone who could portray the character with the same authenticity and spirit-and Toshi Takashima delivers. With a co-starring role in ABC's Happy Endings, appearances in True Blood and in numerous films and commercials, Takashima brings experience and legitimacy to the role, making him an integral part in helping to illustrate the plight of the Japanese Americans during this chaotic and fearful period in American history.

‚ÄčIkumi Yoshimatsu is no stranger to standing up against civil rights injustices. As a strong champion for women's rights in her native Japan, Yoshimatsu is best known as Miss International Japan 2012. However, she is perhaps better known for standing up against the Japanese mafia and appearing on the highly popular global conference series, Ted Talks. Yoshimatsu brings her fighting spirit to the character of Hanako and her beauty-well, we call that a bonus feature.   

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